How To Use A Badger Hair Shaving Brush

Once you've selected your shaving brush, here are some simple steps for using it. In order to obtain maximum brush benefits, always use high-quality shaving products so you can get the smoothest, closest shave possible without irritation. It's best to shave after you've showered, as the warm water will have opened your pores. If you can't shower, place a hot towel on your face for a couple of minutes to loosen up your pores and start softening the hair.

Next, be sure you prep your skin for the shave with highly emollient Pre Shave oil. Since the shaving brush will bring the razor closer to your skin, you want to have that little layer of protection between your skin and the razor. Plus, pre shave oil will ensure the blades glide easily over the skin without causing shaving irritations.

Second, run your shaving brush under warm water and shake off any excess water. You don't want your brush dripping.

Whether you choose a shaving cream or shaving soap, you should only need a small dab. The
better the brush hair quality the less shaving cream you will need. Some jars of shaving cream
can last you up to 4-6 months of daily use and a good shaving soap up to 9 month. When using
a shaving cream, simply dip your wet brush in the jar, apply to your face in a circular motion
to generate a rich, thick lather. With a shaving soap, whisk until you get the lather consistency
you want then apply to the face. The shaving brush will not only lather the shaving cream or the
shaving soap, it will also exfoliate your skin but it will also raise and soften the hair for a closer